Welcome to Caritas Doula Services! My name is Jennifer Fischer, and I’m so glad you’re here.  Take a look around my website, get to know me, and take some time to consider what it means to hire a doula.  Feel free to contact me with any questions. In case you’re new to the doula world, let me explain a bit as to who we are and what we do. A doula is a non-medical continuous support person that stays with you during your labor and delivery. Along with your spouse/partner, I will work with you to keep your labor progressing and offer comfort measures to help decrease the likelihood for needing unnecessary interventions. If situations arise during labor, I can help you to stay educated about your options and give you and your birth team the time to discuss the pros and cons and make decisions.  I do not speak for you or offer any medical advice, rather I help inform you of your choices.  In the weeks leading up to your due date, we discuss your ideal birth plan, and go over any fears or concerns regarding your upcoming birth. It’s important to recognize birth as a normal, natural, beautiful and intense process. After delivery, I stay with you until baby is nursing and assist in getting everyone settled. In the days following, I’m available anytime to answer questions and provide breastfeeding support. I come for a home visit about a week after delivery to discuss your birth and anything else that’s on your mind. In the weeks before and after your birth, I’m available to clients 24/7. I also offer additional postpartum support to help your family adjust to life with a new baby, light housework, cooking, going to follow-up appointments, etc.  

I'm currently providing services in Lee and Collier County hospitals, the Family Birth Center of Naples and homebirths.  In an effort to provide quality care I limit the number of clients I take each month.